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STT 300
 Print, check and serialization system up to L3

cartoning packaging machine mak 130

Inkjet printing and serialization station

We believe that small machines with high performances will become a must for the pharma, herbal and nutraceutical industry. We also believe that technology and looks can come toghether, we therefore have conceived the most compact, beautiful and efficient serialization system that money can get you. In one single machine we have combined two very important tasks of the secondary packaging lines: printing and checking of variable datas and serialization systems. We’ve achieved our goal of containing costs and dimensions, offering a versatile, high performance and of small foot print  machine.

Compact: Only 1200 mm in length to reduce the space and save money

Versatile: Structure on wheels to permit to use the system in line or as a stand alone

Top in quality: Equipped with Wolke* printing system

Easy to upgrade: Conceived as a modular system upgradable up to CFR 21 part.11

serialization system
track and trace system
ink jet printer woke
track and trace system for nutraceutical market

High performance: Wide range of speed from 20 up to 300 cartons per minute

hyper connected: Ready to work in a serialization field up to L3

Revolutionary:Ink jet printer ans serialization system in one machine only 

Affordable: One of the least expensive serialization systems on the market.


SS 300

Inkjet printing and serialization station 

Technical specifications


Maximum output per minut: up to 300 cartons
Space required

Machine length:    approximately 1200 mm

Machine hight:      approximately 1407 mm

Machine width:     approximately   607 mm

Machine net weight approximately 50 Kg
Installed power 1 Kw
Inlet air pressure 6/8 bar
Average compressed air consumption 15 N/L min (1bar)

up to CFR 21 PART 11



Max. output per min.
up to/ 300 cartons

Space required:
Machine length: approx. 1200 mm
Machine width:  approx.    607 mm
Machine higth:   approx. 1407 mm

Machine net weight
approximately 50 Kg

Installed power
1 Kw

Inlet air pressure
6-8 bar

up to CFR 21 part 11






ease of use