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Automatic packaging machines industry

"innovation and performance"

out of all italian packaging companies, we are very proud to have been selected by SIEMENS PackTeam as one of their success case studies.
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The Art of Packaging

For us designing and manufacturing primary and secondary automatic packaging machines is a passion that renews every day.

The customers are at the centre.

We have moulded our industrial process, designs and even our logo around the customer. We truly believe in the meaning of our claim, “WE ARE BECAUSE OF YOU”. Without you, we can’t exist. With you, we can grow.

Our mission ... To manufacture packaging machinery that ...

… are innovative, reliable have a low footprint, unique designs. In a constantly evolving market, it is crucial to know how to run at the same speed as that needed by the customer.

We love packaging machines

From the centre of our Bolognese “packaging valley”, we have attracted professional excellence to make the best products that the market has to offer.

Next 4.0

The smallest in size yet most versatile primary packaging machine on the market


Blister machines, Cartoning machines, Thermoforming machines, Datamatrix, Track and Trace, Pick and place…