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 alternate motion vertical cartoning machine for pharma, herbal, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food market

astucciatrice verticale economica

We had heard your needs and we have conceived a vertical cartoning machine, affordable, on wheels and very easy to use

In a vertical design with a length of only 1.600mm we have used the most advanced technology in order to reach the remarkable speed of 35 cartons/minute without loosing the most important fact that every machine must be: reliable, safe and easy to use.

Hyper Compact: Only 1600Mm in length to reduce the space and save money.
Adapted: You can load easly: Bottles, flacons, syringes, vials, medical devices etc.
Low power consumption: Less than 2 kw/h of power consumption.
Easy to use: 12″ operator panel with an easy  and intuitive human interface. 
aqstucciatrice verticale
astucciatrice vext alimentazione manuale

Worker friendly: Built on wheels to move easly in the needed room

Super affordable format part: Only few format part pieces to reduce costs and effort.

Safe: The manual product’s loading is out of the belt chain
Smart: Equippable whit AI box to prevent the main fails.
Technical specifications


Maximum output per minut: up to 35 cartons
Space required:

Machine length:    approximately 1600mm

Machine hight:      approximately 1600 mm

Machine width:     approximately 1795 mm

Machine net weight: approximately 300 Kg
Installed power: 2,5 Kw
Inlet air pressure: 6/8 bar
Average compressed air consumption: 200 N/L min (1bar)
Cartons dimension:

A min 20 mm max   130  mm

B min 20 mm max    130  mm

C min 40 mm max0 200 mm



Max. output per min.
up to/ 35 cartons

Space required:
Machine length: approx. 1600 mm
Machine width:  approx. 1600 mm
Machine hight:   approx. 11795 mm

Machine net weight
approximately 300 Kg

Installed power
2,5 Kw

Inlet air pressure
6-8 bar

Cartons dimension
min 20 mm max  130 mm
min 20 mm max  130 mm
min 40 mm max 200 mm






ease of use