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Pharmaceutical Packaging Market for Explosive Growth

According to Zion Research, Pharmaceutical Packaging Market is expected to grow massively within the next 4 years, reaching USD 80 billion by 2020 and Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 5.2%…

New Developments in Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

The use of cyclic olefin in both flexible and rigid films: a progress in the pharma packaging word. Evolutions include the use of COC and COPs in order to strengthen inroads and provide sensitive pharmaceutical goods with endurance, heat resistance, light weight and high proneness to sterilization…

PET bottles safe for packaging of pharma products

According to high level experts, PET can now be safely used as a packaging material for pharmaceutical items, read the article to learn more about this report…

Pharma printer expands and prepares to go fully digital

A completely digital pharma printer has been developed by Platinum Press in Oakland, NJ in order to produce different kinds of labels and cartons faster and better than flexo…

New report examines the United States blister packaging industry

Read the whole report about US blister packaging industry to keep up to date about what’s happening in the american pharma industry…

ePaper Makes Inroads into Smart Packaging

Thanks to E-ink we can now merge the digital and physical world in a Smart Packaging that shows real time datas for sensitive pharmaceutical goods…

Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum Foil Market Professional Survey Report 2016

From Wise Guy Reports a complete and deep report, analysis and forecast data about pharmaceutical market consumption 2016 to 20121

Packaging will become a thing within IoT

Is IoT (Internet of Things) the future of the pharmaceutical industry, following Smart Packaging? Read the whole article to know more about why pharma companies should embrace this brand new technology…

Compliance-prompting packages honored by the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council

Discover who’s leading the innovative revolution of pharma machines by winning the HCPC 2015 Compliance Package of the Year…

The child-safe choice

A legally safe package is not always a child-safe choice: this is why many studies and experiments are being carried on to prevent children from reaching and opening packages of poisonous substances. Evolutions in this field include Ecobliss’s Locked4Kids carton for pharma products…

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